Bogazici University

Boğaziçi University was established in 1863 as Robert College, the first American college founded outside the borders of the United States. In 1971, it was transformed into Boğaziçi University, an elite Turkish public research university that has kept the liberal arts education tradition and English as the language of instruction. Since then, it has expanded its undergraduate and graduate programs and added new campuses.

Currently, Boğaziçi University is one of the most prominent universities in Turkey with outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs in natural and social sciences, humanities, engineering, education, and applied disciplines. The admissions to undergraduate programs is extremely competitive where all programs only accept students among the top 2-3% in the nationwide university entrance examinations and most of them are among the top 0.5%. The total number of students is 13,500 with more than 3000 graduate students.

Boğaziçi University is a member of several international university networks that share the same goal of enhancing academic cooperation among its members, namely International Association of Universities (IAU), Magna Charta Universitatum, European University Association (EUA), Mediterranean Universities Union (Unimed), and The Utrecht Network. According to Times Higher Education and Thomson Reuters rankings in 2013-2014, Boğaziçi University is considered among the top 200 universities in the world and the 5th. among the emerging countries and BRICK.

The research environment in such high quality university is highly dynamic, i.e., the university hosts 20-30 international conferences every year among which 2-3 of them is highly prestigious.

Boğaziçi University has six campuses. Many of the University's buildings are located on its South Campus, the original campus of Robert College, overlooking the Bosphorus and the historical fortress of Rumeli Hisarı. The North Campus, Hisar Campus, and Uçaksavar Campus are all walking distance from the South Campus. The Kandilli Campus, housing the observatory, is situated across the Bosphorus on a wooded hill. The Sarıtepe Campus is located on the Black Sea coast, 34 km from the South Campus, and has a private beach.

ECIS Venue at Boğaziçi University: Albert Long Hall


The conference is planned to take place in the breathtaking South Campus mainly in Albert Long Hall. Here, there is a large auditorium with 450 seats capacity and 4 rooms for parallel sessions with 30-60 seats capacities.

For the ECIS with over 500 expected participants, we plan to use other well-restored historical or modern buildings in the campus as well.  We have Ibrahim Bodur Auditorium at the newly constructed Natuk Birkan Building (above) and a theater hall with over 250 seats capacities at the Student Activities Building (below).  Ozger Arnas is yet another high capacity hall at the entrance of the Student Activities Building that can be used for multiple purposes (below).

Faculty of Business Administration is located next to Albert Long Hall that will be used as the main conference venue. We will be able to use some classrooms in this newly restored beautiful historical building (below).

We plan to organize the doctoral consortium in Albert Long Hall as well. The participant doctoral students may use our dormitories. The campus environment includes lots of facilities for the participants of ECIS. It provides complete isolation from the city, required for an efficient academic environment as well as easy access to the main centers of the city.

In case a different environment than the ECIS location should be preferred, we may suggest to use the historical buildings at our Kandilli Campus, located at the Asian side of Bosphorus, right across the South Campus at the European side. Frequent transportation is available by shuttle busses between these campuses.