Track Submission Deadline : March 06, 2015
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Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the ECIS 2016 team, we are kindly inviting you to propose track session for the 2016 European Conference on Information Systems on the theme "Information Systems as a Global Gateway” that will take place in İstanbul, Turkey on the campus of Boğaziçi University and be hosted by its Department of Management Information Systems on 12-15 June 2016.

We thank you for your interest in bringing together a successful conference of ECIS 2016.

Sincerely yours
Meltem Özturan - Matti Rossi - Daniel Veit
Program Chairs for ECIS 2016


The aim of the ECIS 2016 is to present and debate current research issues related to information systems. The theme of the conference: "Information Systems as a Global Gateway” reflects that information systems are electronic environments that get things, people, organizations, countries and societies connected. In this way, information systems could be seen as the modern virtual counterpart to the host city of Istanbul, which is located at the gateway between Europe and the Middle East and Asia. Istanbul is a city that has linked people, cultures and civilizations over several millennia.

Topics for Track Proposals

Topics of interests include (but are not limited to):

  • Big Data, Business Analytics and Decision Support
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Cloud Computing
  • Culture and IS
  • Digital Convergence of Commerce
  • Digital Media Transformation
  • Digital Services
  • Digitalization of Public Sector and Digital Health
  • Digitally enabled Business Models and Entrepreneurship
  • Diversity
  • Economics and Information Systems
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Green/Sustainable IS
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • IS Adoption and Diffusion
  • IS Design and Artifacts
  • IS Development
  • IS Governance
  • IS Teaching Cases
  • Openness and IT
  • Project Management
  • Research Methods and Philosophy
  • Security and Privacy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Theory Development and Theorizing
  • Emerging Topics

Track Co-Chair Responsibilities

We cordially invite fellow researchers to propose tracks on their particular field of interest. There should be two/three co-chairs in each track and one of the co-chairs should be designated as the primary contact person. The responsibilities of the co-chairs will be to:

  1. Liaise with the program chairs on all matters that concern ECIS 2016
  2. Promote the track and take sufficient measures to ensure an adequate number of submissions
  3. Organize a peer review cycle for the papers submitted to your track, assisted by a set of (at least 15) track associate editors (AEs). Track co-chairs will nominate track associate editors for the reviewing process, and they will assure that each paper will receive two/three high quality reviews.
  4. Propose to the program chairs those papers that will eventually be accepted for inclusion into the conference program
  5. Nominate papers for the best paper award
  6. Personally (at least one of the track co-chairs should) attend ECIS 2016 and serve as session chair in the proposed track session(s)
  7. Summarize the key insights presented at your track and submit to the program chairs at the end of the conference
  8. Abstain from submitting to your own track.

Structure of Track proposals

Please use the attached template for track proposal.

Evaluation of Track proposals

Each proposal will be evaluated by the program chairs in cooperation with the research and research in progress chairs. Decisions will be based on (a) the overall merit of the proposal, (b) the significance of the subject covered, (c) the profile and diversity of the track team.

The program chairs will select tracks with the objective being to (a) balance the more traditional IS topics with emerging topics, and (b) to support diversity of chairs and AEs in gender, experience, and geographical background. If needed, track proposals might be merged in order to obtain the best possible coverage of topics and the best mix of track chairs.

Evaluations of best paper award nominates will be carried out by the program chairs.


Track proposals should be e-mailed to as soon as possible but no later than March 6th, 2015. Notifications of acceptance or rejection of proposed tracks will be sent out in April 27th, 2015.

Please once again note that in order to ensure interesting and a sufficiently extensive range of tracks, the ECIS 2016 Program Chairs might approach you with a suggestion to modify your track proposal. In case there are proposals for identical or similar topics, the program co-chairs might ask you to consider joining forces with another group. Track proposals that do not meet the criteria can be directly rejected by the program chairs.

We look forward to receiving your ECIS 2016 track proposals!

On behalf of the ECIS 2016 team

Program Chairs

  • Meltem Özturan (Boğaziçi University, Department of Management Information Systems, Director of Information Systems Research Center, İstanbul, Turkey)
  • Matti Rossi (Aalto University, School of Business, Department of Information and Service Economy, Helsinki, Finland)
  • Daniel Veit (University of Augsburg, Faculty of Business and Economics, Chair of Information Systems and Management, Augsburg, Germany)